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Shine Kids Studio 菁陽孩子教室

Cambridge programme


(Pre – Starters, Starters, Movers, Flyers, KET, PET) English

(Pre-starters to Flyers)外籍導師 Fee: 請向中心職員查詢 , Member Fee: 請向中心職員查詢

(KET,PET) 外籍導師Fee: 請向中心職員查詢, Member Fee: 請向中心職員查詢

本中心可替不足5歲之長期班學生報名投考本地Cambridge - Starters公開試(只限入讀長期班之學生)

劍橋英語課程主要為3 - 12歲學生而設。本課程以針對不同階級的「劍橋小學英語考試 」之要求而設計,外籍英語導師透過互動的課堂形式,讓學生增強英語對話的信心及鞏固英文詞彙(Vocabulary)的能力,從而有效提昇學生之『聽、講、讀及寫』的英文水平。

Cambridge English Course is suitable for aged 3 – 12. Through various daily life topics, all 4 language acquisition skills (reading, writing, speaking and listening) will be strengthened. What’s more, students’ vocabulary base, sentence construction, comprehension and grammar will also be enhanced

Pre-Starters: Age (3 or above)

Starters, Movers, Flyers: (K2 or above)

KET (Finished Flyers or P.4 above)

PET (Finished KET)


(Cambridge YLE Test)(Past Paper) 操練班

個別教授費用:$699 / 1堂(最少報讀10堂或以上)


Private English Tuition Fee: 請向中心職員查詢


Our teachers could design a personalized course for each child based on the information provided in pre-lesson interview. This lesson could include exam preparation, reading, writing, speaking, etc